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There’s no doubt that cosmetic surgery used to have a certain stigma attached to it. Women, especially celebrities, for example, were embarrassed and ashamed to admit that they were anything but naturally beautiful. Luckily, in recent years, that stigma has started to fade, and getting cosmetic surgery is slowly becoming no more embarrassing than wearing clothes that fit properly. Now, it’s just about doing what’s best for your body and confidence.

Lipo is marvelous.

Lipo is marvelous.



Whether you’re considering teeth whitening, laser hair removal or body contouring in Eastchester, we can help. At the New Image Laser and Med Spa, we have qualified professionals who are ready to help you feel more beautiful than ever. Call us today at 914-771-5700 to schedule a consultation.

  1. Patients Spent More Than $12 Billion on Cosmetic Procedures in 2013

Surgery.org reports that Americans spent the most money on cosmetic surgery last year than they have since the recession began in 2008. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s yearly report, there has been a 12 percent increase in cosmetic surgeries in the United States overall. Board-certified surgeons, dermatologists and otolaryngologists performed more than 11 million cosmetic procedures in 2013.

  1. Buttock Augmentation Is Growing in Popularity

In its annual report, the ASAPS also detailed that there has been increasingly more interest in buttock augmentation. Just as fashion trends change, popular body types seemingly go in and out of style, though it tends to happen much more slowly. In recent years, a voluptuous backside became the coveted element that many women now want.

For those who aren’t born with one naturally, there’s cosmetic surgery. Researchers have found that there has been an upward trend in below-the-belt procedures, including both buttock augmentation and labiaplasty.

  1. South Korea Has the Most Procedures Performed by Population

Though Americans certainly love cosmetic surgery, ABCNews reports on the top countries where it’s most popular by population, and South Korea takes the cake. The plastic surgery industry has grown increasingly popular in Asia with every passing year, and South Korea houses the most clientele for the entire continent, with eyelid procedures being the most common. By 2009, one in five women in Seoul had undergone some kind of cosmetic procedure.

  1. Botox Is the Top Nonsurgical Procedure

Considering how simple the procedure it is, it’s probably no surprise that Botox is the most popular nonsurgical procedure for American women. It’s followed by laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and photo rejuvenation.

If you’ve been considering a cosmetic procedure, don’t wait. Winter is the perfect time to get cosmetic procedures, whether surgical or noninvasive, because it gives the body plenty of time to heal before bikini season hits again.

Whether you just want a simple teeth whitening procedure or an entire body contouring experience, we can help. Call the New Image Laser and Med Spa today at 914-771-5700, and let us know what our qualified professionals can do for you.