Tickle Liposuction Increasing in Popularity

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March 2nd, 2012 Posted in Articles

03 01 2012 Liposuction Plastic Surgery News Blog Tickle Lipo Tickle Liposuction Increasing in PopularityVICTORIA, TX – For those who have struggled with unwanted fat and have not been successful with diet and exercise changes, liposuction is a great choice. And now, a new liposuction option has become available that breaks all boundaries when it comes to innovation and patient care.

Dr. Gary Branfman, of the Victoria Surgery Center in Texas, explains that Tickle Lipo is an innovative and minimally invasive new lipo treatment that offers several benefits over traditional surgical liposuction.

The procedure derives its name from the sensation it gives to patients. The cannula used in the treatment vibrates, giving patients the feeling they are being tickled.

Dr. Branfman explained that when he first looked into Tickle Lipo, he wasn’t sure what to expect but after seeing a procedure, he was immediately sold.
“It took me a long time to decide whether it was worth it,” he said. “It is worth it for the patient. The patient is much happier.”

Tickle Lipo has several benefits that make it stand apart from other liposuction treatments. For one, it is less expensive for the actual patient. Conventional liposuction treatments can cost around $6,000 per area that is treated, while Tickle Lipo costs less than $3,000.

Another benefit to Tickle Lipo is the recovery time. Since Tickle Lipo cannulas are only millimeters thick, compared to the inch-wide cannulas used in regular liposuction methods, scarring and bruising are reduced to a minimum and the patient can be back at work much faster.

For those who are afraid of going under general anesthesia, Tickle Lipo is an ideal choice. Patients can be treated with local anesthesia instead of general, and can even talk with doctors during the procedure.

Tickle Lipo has revolutionized the plastic surgery industry. If you have considered getting liposuction and are interested in Tickle Lipo, contact a leading cosmetic surgeon near you to see if this procedure is right for your body type and aesthetic goals.

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