Reports show Whitney Houston likely had cosmetic surgery

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April 11th, 2012 Posted in Articles

Whitney Houston was allegedly seeking to get a facelift before her death, but was turned down for the surgery after failing a routine medical exam.

However, according to a coroner’s report, there were several scars on her body that indicates she likely underwent other cosmetic procedures like liposuction or breast augmentation.

The coroner’s report stated that there were “small scars … associated with breast implants” on her body, along with others. The coroner’s report also indicated that Houston wore dentures.

Although a natural beauty, Houston struggled with drug use for many years and it took a toll on her body. She was believed to have undergone cosmetic enhancements, but nothing was ever revealed.

According to the plastic surgery website, Make Me Heal, Houston was believed to have undergone “liposuction and … facial rejuvenation procedures to keep her middle-aged skin young, smooth and wrinkle-free.”

“The only place on her smooth as satin skin seems to be less than perfect is on her neck,” reported the site in 2008, “where the skin is just starting to sag and reveal her actual age, which Whitney will no doubt correct with a tightening procedure like a necklift or lower facelift on her next visit to the plastic surgeon’s office.”

Houston allegedly sought to have a facelift in Beverly Hills about two weeks before her death at age 48, but issues with her medical history prevented her from obtaining the procedure.

Although Houston’s condition may not have allowed her to undergo plastic surgery, healthy individuals may seek cosmetic enhancement procedures like liposuction or tummy tucks. If you have considered getting plastic surgery, contact a leading and Board Certified doctor in your area to determine the best procedure for your body type and aesthetic goals.

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