New non-invasive liposuction treatment takes Miami by storm

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March 20th, 2012 Posted in Articles

03 01 2012 Liposuction Plastic Surgery News Blog Tickle Lipo New non invasive liposuction treatment takes Miami by stormMiami Beach, Florida – If you live in Miami, you know just how much pressure is put on residents to look their best.

Maybe you have already tried dieting and exercise, only to lose a few pounds or none at all. Perhaps you have also considered giving liposuction a shot, but may not be keen on undergoing a surgical procedure. Luckily, now you won’t have to.

A new non-invasive liposuction procedure is now available in Miami and can provide the same results as traditional lipo minus the bruising, scarring and downtime.

The treatment is called i-lipo, and Miami residents are flocking to Dr. Rian Maercks’ clinic in Miami Beach to get it.

Dr. Maercks is a leading Miami Beach cosmetic surgeon renowned for his holistic perspectives on beauty treatments. His clients include countless celebrities who have turned to him for the latest innovative beauty techniques that not only provide stunning results, but are all natural. He explains that this unique liposuction treatment works by using photobiomdulation to stimulate the body so it will naturally release of energy to burn calories.

Patients can lose up to two sizes with just one treatment and can be back at work the very same day. Since there are no needles and no anesthesia involved, no recovery period is necessary. Patients will have the slim, contoured physique they have always wanted without any scars or bruises.

If you would like to try i-lipo, schedule a consultation with Dr. Maercks or visit his practice website at

If you prefer a more traditional method of liposuction, contact a leading plastic surgeon near you to discuss your options. Regardless of which treatment you undergo, you can rest easy knowing that you will have the physique of your dreams in no time.

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